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Mobile Screen Plant


Max.feeding size:0-1000MM

Applied material:Rock

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The MS series mobile screen Plant are designed for high screening performance combined with good mobility. The big capacity and easy adaptability to different crushing and screening processes guarantee suitability for a wide range of quarrying and contracting applications. MS series mobile screen Plant also is a patented aggregate screening plant designed to screen rock, soils, sand & gravel and c & d materials producing three different sizes of product simultaneously.


1.equipped with a high-performance screening box;
2.automated screening exercise and conditioning, screening efficiency maximization;
3.the strict management of all operational units, improve product life and reliability;
4.low noise and low emission characteristics.



Model MS1548YK3S MS1860YK3S MS2160YK3S MS2460YK3S
Vibrating screen 3YK1548 3YK1860 3YK2160 3YK2460
Feeding belt conveyor B800×12.5Y B800×12.7 Y B800×12.7 Y B1000×12.7 Y
Belt conveyor under vibrating screen B650×7.5 Y B800×8.2 Y B1000×8.2 Y B1400×8.4 Y
 Side-opening belt conveyor B500×5.6 Y B500×5.6 Y B500×5.6 Y B650×5.6 Y
Number of axis 2 2 2 2
Transportation dimensions (mm) 14740 *3360*4500 15070 *3380 *4533 15070 *3533*4533 15300*4360 *4950

Note:Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.


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