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Circular vibrating screen

Capacity: 20-850tph

Power: 5.5-45kW

Application: mine,smelting,construction,road and so on. Materials: river stone, limestone, dolomite, granite, diabase.

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Circular vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment with multiple layers of screen and circular vibrating track. circular vibrating screen earns this name by reason of its approximately circular movement. Circular vibrating screen is single-axis circular-movement inertial vibrating screen, the working of circular vibrating screen depends on inertial motor and inertial strength produced by eccentric plate, because of the vibration of screen box, the materials are threw out, so that materials of certain size go through the screen mesh, and the screening aim is realized. Since the magnetic exciter is installed on the gravity center of screen box, the two long elliptical axis form a shape like a Chinese character, and the upper of long elliptical axis in inlet end is in the same direction with the outlet, which favors the spread of materials which is in the screen box.



1.The cylinder eccentric shaft and eccentric block are adopted to adjust the amplitude, effectively increasing the excitation force and production capacity;
2.Long sieving can effectively improve screening efficiency and evenness;
3.Customized design can achieve kinds of screening specifications;



YK1235 20-180 5.5
2YK1235 5.5
3YK1235 7.5
4YK1235 11
YK1545 25-240 11
2YK1545 11
3YK1545 11
4YK1545 18.5
YK1548 28-270 15
2YK1548 15
3YK1548 15
4YK1548 18.5
YK1860 32-350 15
2YK1860 18.5
3YK1860 18.5
4YK1860 22
YK2160 40-720 18.5
2YK2160 22
3YK2160 20
4YK2160 30
YK2460 50-750 18.5
2YK2460 30
3YK2460 30
4YK2460 30
YK2475 60-850 20
2YK2475 30
3YK2475 37
4YK2475 45

Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.


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