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Sand the process of using to pay attention to what security issues ?

The CFTC Heavy machinery to remind you: the use of machinery is the most important issue is safety , safety first , especially in the production plant , aerial , chemicals , radiation is particularly important .

Sand Making Machine

Installation after inspection departments fasteners fastening , if loose to be tighten . The same time to check the belt tightness is appropriate.

Sand Making Machine start idling 2 ~ 3min , there is no anomaly after the feeding

Do not replace the pulley to prevent the excessive speed of the grinding chamber to produce an explosion , or low speed impact of Sand 's work efficiency .

Sand start before hand to rotate the rotor , check the tooth claw hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable , with or without shell collision phenomenon , whether the direction of rotation of the rotor machine arrow refers the same direction , the power machine and sand lubrication is good.

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