How to select a suitable bag filter

As a common kind of dust collection equipment, bag filter is somewhat collects the solid particles of air by the filter bag. How to select a suitable bag filter needs to accord with the operation situation, in general, there are three factors to be considered.

How to select a suitable bag filter

1. The operating temperature

The operating temperature of bag filter depends on the allowed temperature of bag material and the dew point temperature of the air. At present, the glass fiber is a common material of filter bag, whose highest heat resistance temperature can be 280℃. If the operating temperature is higher than the limited temperature, it must take the decreasing temperature treatment to the air before put into the bag filter.

The operating efficiency of bag filter is not related to the operating temperature, so that it is enough to select a suitable bag filter by meeting the request of operating temperature.

2. The handling airflow

When to select a suitable bag filter, the handling airflow is an important parameter. The handling airflow means the volume of air through the bag filter in unit time, also signifying the efficiency of bag filter. On the selection of handling airflow, it is according to the theoretical design. It is inappropriate to operate the bag filter when the airflow is higher than the rating. Otherwise, it will cause the blocking probability increasing, pressure filtration loss increasing, service life reducing and efficiency reducing. However, if the handling airflow is higher than the actual requirement, it is cause unnecessary cost.

3. The dust content of input hole and output hole

The dust content of input hole is the original dust content of the air on the working site. The original dust content is an important data to select a suitable bag filter. The dust content of output hole is the dust content of treated air, which meets the request of environment department or customers.

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