How to choose the right stone crushing plant

As we all know, the right chooses can make a big difference when purchasing a stone crushing plant. But what should we keep in mind when choose the stone crushing plant?

First, it is the price. Undoubtedly, price is an important reference, we all want to buy the stone crushing plant with cheap price, but I am sure you want to buy cheap and fine product, so the quality is an important factor too. Some manufacturers use inferior raw materials and out-of-date technology to reduce the production costs. Though the machines they made are cheap, the quality is not reliable and productivity is low. So, when you choose the stone crushing plant, besides considering the price, you should collect some information about the manufacturers and visit the factory workshop plant before buying the machine.

Then, you should know the properties of raw materials

Hardness, gradation, silt content and water content are all key parameters for raw materials that need to be crushed. When raw materials are too hard, they are ready to be handled by jaw crushers and cone crushers as the primary crushing devices. When materials are not so hard, they can be crushed by impact crushers as the first choice. The gradation of raw materials influences the whole performance.

Finally, you must learn more about after-sale service in case your machine is not working properly and can’t be fixed timely, a reliable company with all-around after-sale service is crucial.

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