High Manganese Steel Liner




Raw materials:


Application:ball mill

Introduction:In the high manganese steel liner, the Mn content is 10% to 15%, and the carbon content is 0.90% to 1.50%, generally more than 1.0%. Under the low impact load, the hardness can reach HB300 ~ 400, while under the high impact load, the hardness can reach HB500 ~ 800.

According to the different the impact loads, the surface hardened layer depth can be up to 10-20mm. the high hardness of the hardened layer can resist wear.

In the strong impact condition, the high manganese steel can obtain excellent anti-wear property, so it is often used as wear resistant parts in mining, building materials, thermal power and other industies.

In the low-impact condition, the hardening effect is not obvious, so that the high-manganese steel cannot play its characteristics.

According to different conditions, the high manganese steel has different grades and uses. ZGMn13-1 (C 1.10% ~ 1.50%) is used for low-impact parts, ZGMn13-2 (C1.00% ~ 1.40%) is used for ordinary parts, ZGMn13- 3 (C0.90% ~ 1.30%) for the complex pieces, ZGMn13-4 (C0.90 ~ 1.20%) for high impact parts. The manganese content of the above four grades is 11.0% ~ 14.0%.

Manufacturing technique

The high quality scrap steel, manganese alloy and other alloy materials are smelted by the medium-frequency electric furnace, then through mirco-alloying treatment, tempering, and finally casting by steel moulds. It adopts the constant temperature casting process to ensure that products without sand, porosity, depression and other quality defects.

The heat treatment adopts oil quenching process. The quenching and tempering can change the internal structure of the ball to reduce the inner stress, control the broken rate, and enhance the performance after quenching.

We adopt the advanced spectrum detection during the processes of before smelting, after smelting, semi-finished product and finished product to ensure that the chemical composition reach the standard and the performance is stable.


(1) It is strictly forbidden that the mill is no-load running. The mill no-load running will cause the grinding body to impact on the cylinder, and serious damage to the service life of the liner and increasing abrasive wear of the grinding body.

(2) Clean the inner of cylinder before installing the liners.

(3) Tighten the liner screws and pad the seal gaskets, in order to prevent the leakage of pulp.

(4) Before installing the liner, the liner should be inspected and trimmed to ensure the liner’s back and around are smooth. The bolt hole should be clear sand and casting flash, so that the bolt can penetrate smoothly. Its back and around, as appropriate, could be trimmed by the grinding wheel until meet the installation requirements.

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Chemical composition

Name Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni P S
High manganese steel liner
0.9-1.5 0.3-1.0 11-14 0-2.5 0-0.5 ≤0.05 ≤0.1 ≤0.05

Mechanical Property and Metallographic Structure

Name Surface hardness(HRC) Impact value(J/cm2) Metallographic Structure
High manganese steel liner
        ≤220HB ≥100 M+C+P
M- martensite       C-carbide        P-pearlite


Size Hole diameter(mm) Liner length mm)
≤40 ≥40 ≤250 ≥250
Tolerance +2 +2 +3



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